Flirt is the future of Facebook on your desktop. Get more likes, add new friends and advertise to millions on the largest social network.

Whether you're doing hardcore marketing or just want a clean interface to Facebook, Flirt is the application for you. It's extremely reliable compared to other Facebook friend adder bots and you get more features for a better price. You'll be able to send friend requests, wall posts and messages using automation. Send event invites to everyone at once. Invite your friends, Address Book contacts and email lists to like your page. And there's a whole lot more. Learn more about Flirt

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1.5.4June 26, 2014

Spyder is the ultimate MySpace friend adder bot. We gave it everything we've got to give you unsurpassed power and usability.

The only MySpace friend blaster bot exclusively developed for Mac OS X. It's features are way more that screen deep. Mass send friend requests, comments, and messages to target markets. Powerful search features will help you connect with people actively using MySpace. And pro users get access to the only integrated mp3 song plays increaser that works for both song play hits and chart rankings, you can take that to the bank. Learn more about Spyder

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2.2.13August 01, 2013