Product & Technical Support

Visit Falkors’s Support site for quick answers, product tutorials, self-help guides, manuals, and in-depth technical articles. Visit the forums for additional information and support from the Falkor community.

If you are a registered user you may contact technical support at the following e-mail address: Please be descriptive with your problem when requesting help. Include screen shots if relevant and which version you are using. Technical Support is only available by email.

If you need to submit a bug report, choose Email Support from the Help menu when have one of our applications open.

Product Purchasing

To purchase visit the Online Store. For questions regarding a completed or pending order please visit your account at PayPal. Completed orders must be activated before all features can be used, your activation code will be sent to you in a separate email upon order completion.

If you lost your activation code you can have it sent to your email address by visiting Falkors’s Support site. For security purposes your activation code can only be sent to the email you used when you made your purchase.

Please note that paying by e-check may take up to 4 business days to complete and your activation code will only be sent when the payment is completed.

For other inquiries you may send e-mail to:

Business Proposals and Inquires

For serious business proposals and inquires please contact:

Software License Agreements and Policies

Please visit the Software License Agreement and Polices page to review license agreements for shipping products and our privacy policy.