Flirt is your secret weapon to marketing on Facebook. The best way to get more likes, send invites and make new friends.

You need more likes. Maybe for your band, a product, event or group. You need to invite people who you aren't friends with to your pages. You manage several accounts or pages and need to use proxy servers.

Then you need Flirt. The #1 native Mac OS X friend adder bot for Facebook. We've designed Flirt from scratch to bring you a truly new and effective solution that is turbo-charged, secure, and exceptional.

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Elegant Solution.Facebook on your desktop.

With Flirt you have consistent access to Facebook with easy to use features and without the hassles of having to figure out the latest website interface changes, similar to using Facebook on the iPhone but with many more features and detail. Flirt can scale to meet your demands, whether that be for making new friends, adding fans to your pages, or managing your events. Moving to Flirt from a different application is easy too, you can import object identifiers directly from any text file. And if you have gaps in your Address Book contacts, Flirt can help you fill those in too.

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Add New Friends.Powerful features allow you to branch out fast.

All it takes is one click to find people you may already know, another click to send them a friend request. A feature like that is essential for anyone, especially for someone new to Facebook. That's not all though, you can easily search for people, pages, groups, posts, and by identifiers. You can further refine your search by location, workplace, school, and by using smart folders. You aren't limited to only friend requests though, in fact you can like pages, join groups, add members to groups, and even have your pages like other pages. If you'd rather gander at someone's friends then all you need to do is double-click them! This also works to show you page fans and group members. Of course for the very popular types that receive a lot of friend requests you can just sit back relax and have Flirt approve or deny them for you. For those that tend to send a lot of requests Flirt helps you avoid sending duplicates and manages the sending rate to stay in compliance with Facebook rules.

Add new friends with Flirt

Get More Likes.Suggest pages to fans and find new ones along the way.

Use Flirt to suggest your pages to your friends.

Your friends like you, they probably like your pages too.

Invite your friends to like your page. If you have many friends you can filter them using the search field, making it easy to find that someone special. Enter a personalized message to let your friends know what your page is about and why they should like it.

Use Flirt to suggest your pages to list of emails.

Import fans from an email list.

If you already have an existing list of fans from an email list or forum you can use that to suggest your page to them also. The format of your file doesn't matter, Flirt will figure out where the email addresses are automatically. You can change the default language of the message Facebook sends your fans if they don't speak your native language.

Use Flirt to suggest your pages to your Address Book contacts.

Use Address Book to invite your friends and family.

Chances are you know people that will be interested in your pages in your Address Book contacts. Now you don't have to do any exporting or editing of files, Flirt can send page suggestions directly from Address Book.

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Events.Create, edit, and cancel your events.

Spend less time managing your events or figuring out how to invite people. There's no need to copy-paste javascript into a web browser it's easy to send event invites to all your friends. See an overview of all your event invites and respond to them as you like (you could respond to them all at once, which is neat if you are going on vacation). Follow wall posts and be able to like and comment them. Click on an event location in the info sidebar to view a map of where it's taking place.

Flirt can create, edit, and cancel events.

Save Money.Flirt is $500 less than similar apps.¹

Try Flirt free for a day. To activate your free trial download Flirt and run the application, click the Try button to begin your free trial. When your trial is over be sure to pick up the Pro version which allows unlimited accounts and exporting of email addresses to Address Book. Pro licenses also include free lifetime upgrades.

Save Money

¹ Compared to Facebook FriendAdder Pro.