Flirt Pro

Add New Friends

Mass send friend requests.

Automatically send friend requests to specific targeted groups you define.

You may also include a message with your friend request.

Wall Posts

Share content with people and pages and update your status.

Flirt Facebook Wall Post

Generate interest in your profiles and pages by posting personalized messages on walls, updating your status and even posting from your pages. You can also share links and photos in your wall posts. Automation is enabled by default and helps you mass send wall posts even when you're not at your computer.

Use substitution variables to personalize your posts.

Send Messages

Send messages to all of your friends or to any specified target market. Flirt allows you to send messages with attachments to people on Facebook or to any other email addresses.

Use substitution variables to personalize your messages.

Make Events

Create and invite at the same time.

Quickly create new events sparing no detail and invite all your friends at once. You can make events for your accounts, pages, and groups.

You can also cancel events.

Send Event Invites

Sending event invites is just as easy as sending friend requests, wall posts, or messages.

You can send event invites to events you've created or been invited to.

Respond to Invites

See what events you've been invited to and respond to them individually or if you're way too busy you can respond to them all at once.

Friend Requests

Approve or deny friend requests sent to you.

Whether your on top of your friend requests or let them slide until your inbox is overflowing, Flirt can help you manage all your received and sent friend requests. The friend requests pane shows you a comprehensive overview of who's sending you friend requests, something you can't easily do through Facebook's web interface. Or if you prefer to just approve or deny them all in one go without even looking at them you can do that too!

Clean up loose-ends and delete friend requests you've sent.


Use filters to automatically refine your results.

Find people by name, location, school or workplace. You can also search for pages, groups, posts, and by object IDs. Automatically see an overview of people you may already know. Smart folders automatically filter content based on criteria you specify, this allows you to be insanely accurate when your marketing.

You can also capture people that have posted or liked something in a news feed or on a wall.

Suggest Pages

Get more fans.

Suggest your pages to your friends.

Suggest your pages directly to your Address Book contacts or a list of email addresses.


Like (or unlike) pages, wall posts, and even comments. You can even have your pages like other pages.

Mass like posts and comments, this will really get their attention.


You can join (or leave) groups. If you're a group administrator you can add people to your groups and create group events.

Use Facebook as a Page

When you use Facebook as a page you can like other pages, update the status as the page and create page events.

Friends Lists

Easily manage your friend lists, you can make new lists or delete existing ones and edit their content.


Flirt keeps track of who you've sent friend requests to and who has unfriended you.

User Interface

A real user interface that is easy to use.

Intuitively be able to send friend requests, messages, and work with Facebook like no other bot can. With Flirt you can organize your library the way you want, easily sort data and track your progress. And Flirt is a real native Mac OS X app, not that imitation Java crap.

Support for

  • Folders
  • Smart folders
  • Friend lists
  • Black list

    Use the black list to avoid sending duplicate friend requests (global across all your documents).

  • Details viewer
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Tracking

Captcha Bypass

Support for bypassing captchas built-in.

Flirt Facebook Captcha Bypass

Flirt automatically avoids most captchas and security checks.


Data portability.

It's easy to switch from another program to Flirt and keep your preexisting data. Flirt can also export text (CSV), XML files, and directly to Address Book.

Export all contact information such as email address, phone, and location to Address Book or a file.

Proxy Servers

Secure proxy access with HTTPS and SOCKS servers.

Configure per-account proxy servers using secure proxy server protocols.

Support for proxy server authentication is built-in.



Unlimited Accounts

Social Discovery


May send a one-time app request to your friends.


Complete stealth mode.

Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or better.
Runs in Mac OS X under Windows VMware. Learn More