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Help Book Menu Option

Help Book topics are also available when you are running Flirt. When the application is running choose: Help > Flirt Help from the main menu.

Get started quickly by watching the How To videos.

Before you contact technical support review all help topics on this page to make sure your issue hasn't already been answered. You should also take a look at the Facebook's Known Issues page to make sure the problem isn't a known Facebook bug.

Check the Release Notes for the latest up-to-date information on the latest version of Flirt.

Choose Help > Email Support if you need technical assistance.


Concurrent Connections

Changing the concurrent connections requires a Pro license.

This option tells Flirt how many simultaneous connections can be running at the same time for each action. It is just a hint and does not necessarily mean the value you set will always be running. You need to be careful when setting this value higher than the default 8, higher values mean Flirt will need to store more data in memory while waiting for it to be written to your document. If you exceed the amount of memory installed in your computer Flirt will crash.

Using the Demo and Trial Versions of Flirt

You can use the demo version of Flirt indefinitely. The demo version is available to show you the basics of Flirt and demonstrate how it works. When using the demo there are some limitations that you need to be aware of:

  • Only one friend request can be sent per day.
  • Wall posts and messages are limited to 20 per day.
  • Exporting data is disabled.
  • Only 10 invites can be sent at a time.
  • Unfriending and unliking are disabled and the “Unfriended” folder is not visible.
  • You agree to send a one-time notification to your friends about Flirt.

Please purchase Flirt or Flirt Pro before you login to your Facebook account to avoid sending the one-time notification to your friends.

Mac App Store Update of Flirt Pro Lost

When you update Flirt Pro on the Mac App Store the new updated version will no longer be the Pro version. This appears to be a bug in the Mac App Store update process. For whatever reason updated versions of Flirt from the Mac App Store do not contain a receipt with information about your purchase of Flirt Pro and must be re-validated. The process for re-validating your In App purchase are the same you use when you first purchased Flirt Pro and is free.

  • Run Flirt and choose from the main menu Help > Upgrade to Flirt Pro or Account > Login with new Account.
  • Click Upgrade.
  • Click Buy.

    Although it says buy you won't be charged again if you already purchased Flirt Pro.

  • Login to the Mac App Store when prompted.
  • Click OK. Flirt Pro will now be active for this update.

Lost Activation Code

If you lost your activation code you can recover it by entering your email into the form below and clicking the Find button.