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Ability to check if user IDs, are already a fan of page

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:11 am
by alphamount
Ability with which you can check via the API, if the selected user IDs, is already a fan of a selected page. (maybe that's just, if at all, only on pages where you are admin?)

A function like this ... ges.isFan/" rel="nofollow

But if I understand correctly, this does not work for "normal" apps. Only if your app integrated as "Page Tab"?

Could masquerade "flirt" simply as "Page Tab"?
and so this query would be possible?

Or have you another idea, how to implement such a function in flirt, which can make such a query, as "has USER- ID XXX liked Page-ID YYY"

As I've also tried to describe here.

Perhaps an interesting link with suggestions on this topic.
Facebook API: Check If A User Is Fan Of A Facebook Page ... l_page_fan