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Postby saras415 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:14 pm

I know this doesn't really fit in the Spyder for MySpace forum, but it wouldn't really fit with Flirt/Facebook either so here goes...

Any thoughts on possibly making a Spyder equivalent for Twitter? Seems like the features could be very similar to the MySpace one. And although Twitter does have limits to prevent spam, they aren't quite as strict as Facebook's (I've had friends whose Facebook profiles were temporarily suspended for adding as few as 10 people in one day). I realize there are already tools that do some of these things for Twitter (manageflitter being one of the better ones I've come across), but they still don't have all the features that made Spyder great. I feel like you could make a Twitter tool that would be extremely useful for bands/artists.

For example, being able to easily import all of the followers of a similar-sounding artist/artist whose fans might like your music into a folder. Then being able to sort by the number of people that person is following (there's no point in following someone that's already following 5,000 people they'll never see your tweets... and the chances of someone only following 1 person actually following back are slim to none), and delete the ones that are unlikely to actually care about your posts. Maybe a feature to sort out the "verified profiles"/celebrities similar to how you can sort out music profiles on the MySpace program, so if you are looking for regular people you don't follow them. And the ability to sort by city/state (not all but many users on twitter do provide this info) to follow users who are in cities the band might be coming through on tour. Maybe even a feature like the current Smartfolders to allow you to sort out say, people who follow Band X and Band Y and also happen to live in a particular state. Having a Blacklist/keeping track of who you've previously requested so you don't unfollow and follow the same people multiple times if they are fans of multiple similar artists would be fantastic (and I have yet to find a twitter service that offers this... if anyone knows one please let me know!).
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