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A central "Friend Add Outbox" folder for all selected accoun

Postby alphamount » Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:39 pm

So far I used extensively the function "Allow aggregate sending".

You know, i have hundrets of accounts :-).

In this case there is the following problem. At the beginning: The distribution in individual "friend Add outbox" folders of the respective Accouts is still relatively the same. After some time, but the number of people in stock is very different. One reason is the increasingly frequent blocking of Facebook for friend requests. In addition, the duration is different. (how long the accounts are blocked)

This means: Everytime if I use "Add Friend", the people will be distributed to all selected accounts in the respective Outboxes. Although the respective accounts are blocked for friend requests. For these folders then rises the number of people. While the number of people on other accounts are decreases. (for the other accounts that are not blocked). Different levels may also arise from the fact, that you have set difference at "friend adds" per day.

At some point, you can lose track of where ever there is still enough supply, or where perhaps there are "too many" people in the outbox.

You could of course every time an account is blocked temporarily, remove manually the tick from "Allow aggregate sending" and set again after x days. But with my hundreds of accounts is this case difficult to manage.

An reporting function, which I have described in the feature request "Automatic overview for all Friend Add Outboxes", is not yet implemented at the moment.

But I have a simple idea that could solve all these things.

Another checkbox in the preferences like "use central friend add outbox for sending friend request ".

The automation could then automatically, for each account (which has set this checkbox) for each individual request, which is to be sent, take one people out of this central "Friend Add Outbox" folder.

Then you have to monitor only one single folder for all your accounts.

You understand what I mean?

Could this work?
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