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ability to fetch the people for each of the individual answe

Postby alphamount » Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:06 am

Especially when you sending messages,you must be cautious. Here you can quickly blocked.
So you should only send selected people messages . And only with content, you can expect from that this is of interest to the appropriate people.

A very good foundation can be questions. In particular, the different sections for answers.

So you can ask, if you have an band, for example the following questions, "Which new song you like best?"
The answers will provide an excellent basis for sending messages.
e.g. If a song is then released as a single, then you can just send people (and only these people) a message that have previously voted for this song on the issues. (you can be almost certain that these people will not mail as spam, but be pleased with this info)

So i have the following useful feature request:

The ability to fetch all the people for each of the individual answer.

Would that be feasible?
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