Dominate MySpace marketing and maximize your profit.Spyder can add new friends, send messages, and boost chart rankings!

You need to market on MySpace. Maybe for your band or your client's pages. You need help placing in the charts quickly. You manage several MySpace accounts and need to effectually respond to your fans.

Then you need Spyder. The #1 Mac OS X friend blaster for MySpace.¹ With Spyder we've gone all out to provide a state of the art software solution for you that's fast, safe, and unbelievably great.

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More Features.Check out what Spyder can do for you.

Seeing is believing and as you can see below Spyder gives you everything to be successful in a single efficient window. Of course you can open up more windows if you're a serious social networker.

Spyder Main Window

Smart Organization

Avoid duplicate friend requests with the Black List folder or go straight for adding new friends from the Strangers folder.

Real-Time Activity

With other Friend Adders you press a button and cross your fingers. There's no guessing in Spyder it will tell you exactly what it's doing, you can even watch CAPTCHAs being solved in real-time.

Extreme Details

Keep track of your friends likes, when they last logged in and other updates to their details. Or if you prefer you can browse any photos they've shared.

Fast Browsing

Use the list view to quickly scan comprehensive details on users. When you've forgotten someone's name you can switch to grid view to scan people's profile pictures.

Refine Your Results

Click on any column in list view to sort by that column.

Smart Folders

Smart folders make it easy to categorize people base on specific criteria. You could for instance automatically group people from a certain city you will be visiting in order to promote an event.

Friend Blaster Pro

Simply select people you'd like to friend add and Spyder takes care of the rest. The Black List ensures that no one will ever be sent a duplicate friend request.

Mass Send Comments

Select some of your friends, press this button. Easy as cake. Use substitution variables to further personalize your messages.

Mass Send Messages

You can send messages to anyone. Advanced tracking in Spyder makes sure you don't send duplicate messages.

Steal Friends

View other people's friends and then send them friend requests!

You can even import someone's top or new friends.

No Dead Profiles

Find active users from comments they've posted.

Advanced Tracking

Automatic tracking is done on all the friend requests, comments, and messages you send.

Spyder MySpace Friend Blaster

Friend BlasterAdd new friends quickly.

Mass send unlimited friend requests based on specific targeting criteria. Steal friends from other users, or add them from other people's comments, groups, searches, friend lists, or even Google. As your friends increase so does your profit. Learn more

Spyder MySpace Song Plays Increaser

Song Plays IncreaserBe a rockstar.

Get ahead with the worlds most advanced song plays increaser. Song plays performed by Spyder count towards chart rankings, and that helps you sell more music and get booked more often. Learn more

Spyder MySpace Captcha Bypass

Captcha BypassNo work necessary.

Never enter a captcha again! Spyder includes native support for “No More Captchas” and also includes an advanced solver so you never have to waste time entering captchas again. Learn more

Flirt Facebook Friend Blaster

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