Buy CAPTCHA Assist Credits

Credits 2,000 5,000 20,000
Per Credit $0.007 $0.0068 $0.0065
Total $14 $34 $130
  Buy 2,000 Buy 5,000 Buy 20,000


If your tired of entering CAPTCHA codes when sending friend requests, messages, or comments then CAPTCHA Assist is the perfect solution for you. CAPTCHA Assist allows you to bypass CAPTCHAs automatically so you never have to be bothered to enter one again. CAPTCHA Assist doesn't merely skip the CAPTCHA is actually enters it for you no matter how complex it is.

How It Works

CAPTCHA Assist uses advanced natural intellegence to decipher and enter the CAPTCHAs for you. In order to use CAPTCHA Assist you purchase CAPTCHA credits, each credit allows you to bypass one CAPTCHA. Credits are only deducted if the CAPTCHA was entered correctly. To enable CAPTCHA Assist in Spyder you must enter your CAPTCHA Assist Key in the Advanced preferences pane show below. If you don't have a key one will be assigned to you after you make your first purchase.

CAPTCHA Assist Key Entry

Easily view the CAPTCHA Assist working in real-time by choosing CAPTCHA Assist Activity from the Window menu.

CAPTCHA Bypass Activity Window
  1. CAPTCHA Assist uses a 3rd party service to decipher and enter CAPTCHAs, there are no refunds, all sales are final.