Spyder Pro

Add New Friends

Mass send friend requests.

No limits on the number of friend requests you can send.

Friend requests, comments, and messages are only sent once (unless you specify otherwise). MySpace may limit the total number of friend requests you can send daily.

Send personalized messages with your friend requests.

Use substitution variables to include a persons name in your message.

Post Comments

Spyder MySpace Comment

Drum up interest in your profiles by sending personalized comments.

Comments are only sent once by default (although you can change this setting). HTML syntax is automatically removed from profiles that don't accept it.

Send Messages

Send messages to all of your friends or to any specified target market.

Another feature you'll only find in Spyder is the ability to view and respond to messages other people send you.

MP3 Song Plays Increaser

Guaranteed to boost your rank in the charts.

Need to give your music profile a little oomph. Then the built in song plays increaser is exactly what you need to get an edge, and at a price far better than any other tool or service, especially considering you only pay once not monthly and not per account. Learn more

You also improve your profile views at the same time. Use proxy servers to help you achieve real song play hits. The hits will even show up in your artist dashboard!

Video Plays Increaser

Boost video plays for any profile.

Configure proxy servers to emulate real-time plays.

Captcha Bypass

Support for bypassing captchas built-in.

Spyder MySpace Captcha Bypass

Native support for “No More CAPTCHAs”, Spyder is the only bot that supports this. Or use Captcha Assist to have other people enter them for you. Learn more

Captcha Assist is a 3rd party optional solution where you pay other people to enter the captchas for you.

Send Event Invites

Sending event invites is just as easy as sending friend requests, comments, or messages and is a lot easier than going through MySpace's complicated web forms.


Post bulletins

Quickly post bulletins.

Automated bulletin posting

  • Schedule bulletins down to the second.
  • Automatically remove previously sent bulletins.

Spyder can smartly delete previously sent bulletins minimizing your overall footprint on the bulletin board while at the same time ensuring your posts are bumped to the top.

Friend Requests

Approve or deny friend requests sent to you.

Whether your on top of your friend requests or let them slide until your inbox is overflowing, Spyder can help you manage all your received and sent friend requests. The friend requests pane shows you a comprehensive overview of who's sending you friend requests, something you can't easily do through MySpace's web interface. Or if you prefer to just approve or deny them all in one go without even looking at them you can do that too!

Pro users have the option to delete friend requests they've sent.


  • Keyword search with basic filters.
  • Google search.
  • Band search.
  • Browse profiles by specific criteria.
  • Comment search.

Pro search features allow you to find people by age, gender, location, relationship status, networking, and personal characteristics.

User Interface

A real user interface that is easy to use.

Intuitively be able to send friend requests, messages, and work with MySpace like no other bot can. With Spyder you can organize your library the way you want, easily sort data and track your progress. And Spyder is a real native Mac OS X app.

Support for

  • Smart folders
  • Black list

    Use the black list to avoid sending duplicate friend requests (global across all your documents).

  • Details viewer
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Tracking


Data portability.

It's easy to switch from another program to Spyder and keep your preexisting data. Spyder can also export text or XML files.


Manage an unlimited number of MySpace accounts.

Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or better.