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Help Book topics are also available when you are running Spyder. When the application is running choose: Help > Spyder Help from the main menu.

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Before you contact technical support review all help topics on this page to make sure your issue hasn't already been answered. You should also take a look at the MySpace Current Issues page to make sure the problem isn't a known MySpace bug.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lost Activation Code

If you lost your activation code you can recover it by entering your email into the form below and clicking the Find button.


How do I deactivate a license?

If you need to move your license to a different computer you will first have to deactivate it on the computer you are currently using it on and then activate it on your new computer. You can deactivate a license on your current computer by choosing Spyder > Spyder Licensor from the main menu.

I bought a new computer and forgot to deactivate my license.

There is a grace period that allows you to enter your activation code into Spyder on your new computer and automatically deactivate it on the old computer.

Why is my account being blocked?

There could be several reasons why your account is blocked. Not to worry though, any messages you may see from MySpace about using a program are simply there to scare you. Spyder looks like a typical web browser to any remote web servers because it uses the exact same technology that your web browser uses. The simplest solution you should try first is to set a delay in the Network preferences of Spyder to something like 10 seconds.

Sometimes there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to people's accounts being blocked. You should definitely not be sending spam messages or spam friend requests to people. With that said some people still report that their account is being "blocked" even though they haven't sent any messages, friend requests, or comments. It appears that MySpace may have some glitches to work out with their recent updates.

MySpace forum topic discussing accounts being blocked and possible solutions.

From: "MySpace.com" <help@support.myspace.com>
Subject: Re: Mail - Security / Spam / Phishing [ref:00D78NrS.50079Qi0g:ref]
Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 8:45 AM


As mentioned in a previous email, your account was so blocked because prior to your block a number of users manually marked your friend requests/messages as spam.

How to fix this:

To unblock your account, a number of users to whom you’ve sent friend requests or messages must visit their spam folders and specifically mark your messages as “not junk.” This will change your spam status. Due to security reasons, we are unable to disclose the exact number needed to unblock your account. You may want to post a blog or new headline explaining the issue to your friends and ask them to mark the requests and messages as not spam. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but unfortunately this is the only way to unblock your account and we cannot offer any further information regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Why are my messages and requests automatically marked as spam?

This appears to happen when you send messages and friend requests that are frequently marked as spam by the users receiving them. You should make sure you aren't sending spam messages or spam friend requests to people. As mentioned by MySpace having users go to their spam folders and marking the messages and friend requests as "not junk" will change your spam status.

How to Download and Install Spyder

To download Spyder follow the link below. You will be downloading a compressed Zip file containing the Spyder application.

Download Spyder Now

When the download is completed you can double-click the Spyder.zip file to extract the Spyder application (if it wasn't automatically done for you already). Once the Spyder application has been extracted you may move the application to any location on your filesystem to complete installation, or you may leave it where it is. It is recommended you move Spyder to the Applications folder.

When you have completed installing Spyder you are ready to start using it. Double-click the Spyder application icon to launch Spyder and begin using it. If you haven't yet purchased a license Spyder will run in evaluation mode. You are allowed to try Spyder indefinitely before purchasing.

Spyder for Windows

Spyder isn't available for Windows. If you want to use Spyder you will need to purchase a Mac.

If you're looking for a Windows Friend Adder you should try Easy Adder.

CAPTCHA Assist Credits Store

CAPTCHA Assist credits can be purchased from the CAPTCHA Assist Order Page. Typically you can reach the order page from within Spyder, either from the Advanced preferences or the CAPTCHA Assist Activity window. Spyder will alert you when you have run out of CAPTCHA Assist credits and also give you the option to proceed to the order page to refill your key.

How can I upgrade my license?

Enter your activation code below.


Useful Strategies

Follow these strategies to streamline your friend adding, messaging, and other tasks.

Organize Your User Library

Effectively organizing your user library will increase your efficiency and prevent costly mistakes. Use Smart Folders to quickly organize people by specific criteria when you need to repeat certain tasks, such as posting comments or sending messages. Many musicians travel and like to keep Smart Folders containing their friends arranged for specific locations around the world. This helps them quickly post comments or send messages announcing their arrival at a specific location where they will be performing.

Basic Smart Folder

This Smart Folder simply finds people that live in Las Vegas.

Advanced Smart Folder

This Smart Folder finds people that are recently active and live in Las Vegas and are your friend. If you use the Last Login predicate then you should be sure to set your preferences to keep people's profiles updated.

Folders (not Smart Folders) can be used to keep track of arbitrary people. An effective strategy for sending friend requests, or messages is to set up a Folder with people you'd like to contact. As you send these people friend requests or messages, remove them from the Folder to reduce the chance of duplicating your effort. Although by default they will not be sent another friend request or message unless you have turned off those preferences.

Use Sorting Effectively

The single most useful method of attracting people to your profile is to only send friend requests and messages to those people that are actually active. MySpace is littered with profiles that are no longer active. Fortunately for you Spyder scrapes the Last Login data from a profile and lets you use that information to find only people that are actually using MySpace. Make sure to keep your user library up to date by enabling the automatic refreshing of profiles in the General Preferences.

Last Login Sorting

Click the Last Login column in the list view to easily find people that active on MySpace.

Follow Up

After sending friend requests you can improve your profile click through rate by posting a follow up comment. Refresh your friends after sending some friend requests (you will probably already have new friends), a new Folder will be created on the sidebar containing your new friends. You can now select your new friends and send them a comment thanking them for the friend request. Remember you can use the ${NAME} variable to substitute someone's name in your comment or message.

After refreshing your friends you may also notice another Folder containing people who are no longer friends with you. A portion of these people will no longer be members of MySpace, but a lot of them may simply have decided to remove you as a friend. A clever marketer may be able to send these people a message learning more about why they weren't interested in your profile.

Effectively Sending Messages

Find out how to make sure your messages are getting through.

What constitutes a good message?

A good message should contain relevant information that is easy for the receiver to read and should not appear as spam. If too many of your messages are marked as spam then they will be blocked and will not be sent.

You should be careful about using links in your message. If your message is marked as spam by people then any links included in your message will be scrutinized in future posts, on profiles, comments, and bulletins.

Before you mass send your message, send it to one of your other accounts first to test it out.

Tips & Tricks

Useful information about MySpace you won't find anywhere else.

Many music profiles automatically accept friends requests

This is useful to know if you have a fresh profile and need to build up friend count. It may also help unblock your account if you've been marked as a spammer.

MySpace limits the number of friends you can view to 20,000

If you exceed 20,000 friends you might notice that when you refresh your friends in Spyder there are a lot being removed. This is because there is a bug (or possibly intentional feature) in MySpace's friend viewing code that only allows the first 20,000 friends to be viewed for any profile.

Work around this by creating another account with the same content.


400 friend requests and messages per day, although it does happen on unusual days when it's possible to send more.

400 comments per day, it's often possible to send more per day perhaps closer to 500.

What counts for a song play?

Someone needs to listen to your song for at least 1 second before it counts as a REAL song play.