Watch the overview to learn about many of the features offered in Spyder. You will learn how to search and import users, send friend requests, comments and messages. See how to use the Song Play Increaser, and many other features.

Tutorial 1: Getting Started

The first tutorial introduces you to Spyder, a Pro Friend Blaster for Mac that allows you to send friend requests, comments, messages and post bulletins. Spyder is also a myspace song play increaser, which allows you to increase your profile views and song plays. You can even control which songs you want to increase song plays for. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a new document when you first open Spyder, how to login to your MySpace account using Spyder, and learn some basic operations on the sidebar.

Tutorial 2: Finding People

The second tutorial shows how to import people using the Browse search method and how to import another persons friends.

Tutorial 3: Sending Friend Requests

The third tutorial show how to send friend requests by selecting the "Strangers" sidebar item, then selecting users in the list view and finally which button to press to send the friend requests.