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Solving message problems

Follow this list to try and fix problems sending messages in Spyder. If the counter in Spyder is incrementing when you send messages, then your messages are being sent. Sometimes they won't show up in your sent messages due to bugs in the MySpace servers.

Messages are being sent but don't show up:

  1. Login to MySpace from a web browser, such as Safari or Firefox and try sending your message. If there is a problem you should see an error. Try sending the message to one of your other accounts to see if it arrives.

    If the message doesn't arrive your account may be blocked.

  2. Make sure your message isn't being blocked by MySpace because it contains blocked links or unapproved embedded content.

  3. MySpace only allows you to send approximately 400 messages per day. If you have reached this limit you will need to wait until the next day to send more messages.

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