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Avoiding CAPTCHAs

How to avoid CAPTCHAs with Spyder.

Using CAPTCHA Assist:

  1. Purchase a CAPTCHA Assist key from the website.

    Click here to order a CAPTCHA Assist key

  2. Open the Advanced Preferences

    Advanced Preferences Window

    Copy/Paste your key into the text field.

    Choose which actions you want to use CAPTCHA Assist with.

  3. Choose Window > CAPTCHA Assist Activity to view real-time CAPTCHA solving:

    CAPTCHA Assist Activity Window

CAPTCHA Assist uses a 3rd party service to decipher and enter CAPTCHAs, there are no refunds, all sales are final.

Using “No More CAPTCHAs”:

  1. Enable your MySpace account for “No More CAPTCHAs” on the MySpace website.

  2. Open the Advanced Preferences

  3. Click the Enable support for “No More CAPTCHAs” checkbox.

If you are using “No More CAPTCHAs” from an unsupported location then it may cause login problems. In this circumstance disable “No More CAPTCHAs” in the Advanced preferences.

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