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Sending friend requests

How to send friend requests with Spyder.

To send a friend request:

  1. Select the Strangers Smart Folder on the sidebar.

    Strangers Sidebar Selection

    Select users in the document window.

  2. Click the send friend request button:

    Send Friend Requests Button

    You can also choose Action > Send Friend Request…

  3. The friend request window will display.

    Friend Request Window

    Type your message into the text area. You may use the ${NAME} or ${NAME-FULL} variable to substitute a person's name in the message.

    You may choose to format an alternate text message that will be sent to people that can only receive text comments.

    Optionally choose to avoid sending duplicate comments by clicking the Avoid sending duplicate comments checkbox.

  4. Click the Send button to deliver the friend request.

Friend requests will not be sent to people that also exist in the Black List Smart Folder, or that you already have a pending friend requests for. You can change these settings in the General preferences under Skip Friend Requests When: User is in Black List.

Selecting the Strangers Smart Folder guarantees that you will be sending friend requests to people that you haven't tried to send to before. Another useful strategy is to import new users through a search and then send those people friend requests.

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