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Posting comments

You can only send comments to your friends. Refresh your friends before you send comments to make sure Spyder has the most up to date information for your friends.

To send a comment:

  1. Select the Friends item under your account on the sidebar.

    Friends Sidebar Selection

    Select some of your friends in the document window.

  2. Click the send comment button:

    Send Comments Button

    You can also choose Action > Send Comments…

  3. The comment window will display.

    Comment Window

    Type your message into the text area. You may use the ${NAME} ${NAME-FULL} variable to substitute a person's name in the message.

    You may choose to format an alternate text message that will be sent to people that can only receive text comments.

    Optionally choose to avoid sending duplicate comments by clicking the Avoid sending duplicate comments checkbox.

  4. Click the Send button to deliver the comment.

You can send comments when you don't have the Friends sidebar item selected, but you will still only be able to send comments to your Friends. An ideal situation to use this is after you refresh your friends and have new friends.

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