StarBanker Help

Where are my bank files located?

You can find your bank files on your computer in the following directory:

/Users/YOUR-USERID/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II/Accounts/NUMBERS/YOUR-BATTLENET-ACCOUNT/Banks/MAP-AUTHOR-ACCOUNT/BANKFILE.SC2Bank

The gray text indicates that those directories are unique to your computer, the directory you need to choose is usually obvious.

Can I edit bank files for maps that obfuscate or encrypt their variables?

StarBanker can edit these files and correctly sign them. However, it does not have any knowledge of how a maps variables should be re-created from primitive values if they are encrypted by the map author.

You can copy a bank file from someone else (such as a friend) and use StarBanker to re-sign it for your account if you don't know how to change the variables.